Zeshan Bela

Zeshan Bela

MD & Founder of Ez Solutions

My Ideology of living is very simple and comprised of the following :

1. Allah is the Biggest Planner and So Allah always plans better than us, for us.
2. It's better to be cheated to cheat others, because what goes around comes around.
3. It's better to be an employer than an employee.
4. Learn to sell your skills not yourself.
5. Always look down, you'll always be satisfied & happy.
6. In Business, make more relationships instead of just more & more money.

I always wanted to be a self-employed, despite the fact that everybody in my family is Govt or Corporate employee. I did BSCS (hons) in 2006 and then MBA(BF) from University of Central Punjab. After working at some well-known companies like Wi-Tribe, Efu Life Assurance Ltd, Barclay Bank Pakistan, and Nestle Pakistan, at dynamic positions, in 2011, i started my own dream business platform " Ez Solutions " aka easy solutions, which deals in IT, Advertising and Events Management Solutions, to make your life easy. By the Grace of Almighty Allah, it's going well.


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